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All About Voting

Why should you vote?

India is the largest democracy in the world. The right to vote and more importantly the exercise of franchise by the eligible citizens is at the heart of every democracy. We, the people, through this exercise of our right to vote have the ultimate power to shape the destiny of country by electing our representatives who run the Government and take decisions for the growth, development and benefit of all the citizens.

Who can vote?

All citizens of India who are 18 years of age as on 1st January of the year for which the electoral roll is prepared are entitled to be registered as a voter in the constituency where he or she ordinarily resides. Only persons who are of unsound mind and have been declared so by a competent court or disqualified due to ‘Corrupt Practices’ or offenses relating to elections are not entitled to be registered in the electoral rolls.

What is an electoral roll?

An electoral roll is a list of all eligible citizens who are entitled to cast their vote in an election. The electoral rolls are prepared Assembly Constituency wise. An electoral roll for any Assembly Constituency is subdivided into parts corresponding with the polling booths. The Election Commission of India has decided to generally have a maximum of 1200 electors per booth. The polling booths are so set up that no voter should ordinarily travel more than 2 kms. to reach the polling booth. Normally, one part will correspond with one polling booth.
To exercise your franchise, the first and foremost requirement is that your name should be in the electoral roll. Without your name registered in the relevant part for the area where you ordinarily reside in the Assembly Constituency, you will not be allowed to exercise your franchise. Therefore, it is your duty to find out whether your name has been registered or not.

Am I eligible to vote?

You are eligible to vote if:

1. You are an Indian citizen.
2. You are 18 years or older as on 1st January of the year when the electoral rolls are getting prepared. Currently,    this will be 1st January, 2013
3. You are an Ordinary Resident at your current location i.e. you have been living at your current address for 6 months or longer.

I am a student studying outside my native city / place of permanent residence. Can I register to vote from my college?

Yes. As a student, you can register from your college even if you are studying outside your native city / place of permanent residence.

If you are residing in a hostel / mess and do not have an ordinary address proof document, you will have to get a Student Declaration Form signed by your college dean/principal/registrar and submit it along with your voter registration form.

You are also allowed to register from your parent’s place of residence; however you CANNOT register from two or more addresses simultaneously. It is always advisable though that you register from your college, since you will spend most of the time in the year at this place.


How to check your name in the electoral rolls and to find the polling station where you have to go to vote?

You may check online at

How do I register to vote online?

 1. Visit (Karnataka voters only).

This portal facilitates citizens to submit

Form-6 (For Including Your Name in Electoral Roll)

Form-7 (For Deleting Your Name From Electoral Roll)

Form-8 (For Modifying Your Name in Electoral Roll)

Form-8A (For Transposing Your Name in Electoral Roll)

2. Register yourself in the citizen’s portal to get your username and password for your online submission by clicking on “New user? REGISTER”
3. Provide your valid e-mail Id and Mobile No. to complete registration.
4. After successful registration your user name and password will be sent to your e-mail and mobile phone.
5. You may now log in with your User ID and password to submit your applications.
6. Detailed instructions to fill each form are available at:

7. Upload your passport size photo in jpg format, age proof and address proof in pdf format along with your Application.

Proof of ordinary residence to be attached are as under: 

1. Bank/Kisan/Post Office current Pass Book, or

2. Applicants Ration Card/Passport/Driving License/Income Tax Assessment Order, or

3. Latest Water/Telephone/Electricity/Gas connection Bill for that address, either in the name of the Applicant or that of his/her immediate relation like parents etc., or

4. Postal department’s posts received/delivered in the applicant’s  name at the given address.

NOTE: If any applicant submits only Ration Card as proof of address, it should be accompanied by one more proof of address out of the above categories

Proof of date of birth to be attached are as under: 

1. Birth Certificate issued by a Municipal Authorities or District Office of the Registrar        of Births & Deaths or Baptism Certificate; or

2. Birth Certificate from the school (Govt. /Recognized) last attended by the applicant or any other recognized education institution; or

3. Passport / PAN Card / Driving Licence / SSLC Marks card.

8. Do’s and Don’ts are available at

9. Take a printout of the filled application form and attach copies of age proof and address proof and send it through post to the address mentioned in the form.

Do you have an Electors’ Photo Identity Card (EPIC)?

The Election Commission of India has made voter identification mandatory at the time of poll. The electors have to identify themselves with either Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) issued by the Commission or any other documentary proof as prescribed by the Commission.

Will possession of an EPIC alone entitle you to vote?

You should note that mere possession of an EPIC issued to you does not guarantee you your vote, because it is mandatory that your name should appear in the electoral roll. Once you have found out that your name is there in the electoral roll and you also possess an identification document prescribed by the Election Commission (EPIC or others), you are entitled to vote.

Can somebody else submit my voter registration form?

As per rules, only you or your family members will be allowed to submit your voter registration form. Proxy submission of form is not allowed. Bulk submission of forms is also not allowed.