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Namo Bharath on 15-12-2013 at Bangalore

Namo Bharath Bangalore 15-12-2013 Kannada

Namo Bharath Bangalore 15-12-2013 English

4 Responses to “Namo Bharath on 15-12-2013 at Bangalore”

  1. Madhava Singh M R says:

    I am really very happy to conducted this program in Bangalore.


  2. ~*ck*~ says:

    Come on guy’s let’s do one good thing for our nation. This is the right time to change…don’t miss the chance.

  3. shridhar says:

    Namo Bharat in Bangalore on 15-Dec (yesterday) was spectacular. I felt proud to be part of the function wearing Namo T-Shirt. I could see enormous zeal among youngsters and truely i felt VIBRATION of NAMO mantra yesterday.

    Hats-off to Chakravartiji who took us 3 hours unimaginable journey into Namo World.

    Dil mange More.. Namo to be PM.

    Jai Hind, Jai namo.

  4. Chethan says:

    How start namo brigade my village

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