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NaMo Brigade Launched in Bangalore

NaMo Brigde

The official launch of the team NaMo Brigade, a team of  young professionals working to make Narendra Modi the next Prime Minister of India happened here today (14th July ) at Rashtrothana , Ajitha Smriti. Close to 400 professionals from different parts of Bangalore and other cities from Karnataka attended the Event.

The National President of Youth for Nation, Padmaprasad Hegde, President of Arise India Moment, L.S.Tejaswi Surya and working member of JalaSangama, Shakunthala Iyer were the chief guests for the event.

Addressing the crowd, Mangalore’s well known Advocate, Padmaprasad Hegde said, the stones thrown at Narendra Modi shall be used to build the bridge between different people of the country so to unite them. He said soul of Mahatma Gandhi has still not gained moksha because his dream of having sathya based – Rama Rajya is still not attained and this is only possible by a swadeshi leader, Narendra Modi. Further, he said, pseudo secularism is the biggest threat, the country is facing.  He also advised the youth to unite and work towards making the Gujarat chief minister, the next prime minister of India. Addressing the energetic crowd, president of Arise India Moment, student of Law, L.S.Tesjaswi Surya said, some political parties have been promising to eradicate poverty in the country since independence and it is still not achieved. He also accused the political parties who claim they oppose FDI and vote for it when it is tabled at the parliament. Speaking about 2002 Gujarat riots, he said, the letter that was written to the neighbouring state’s government by Narendra Modi for help was replied only after 13 days, refusing to help. Further, speaking about poverty vs. prosperity, he said, Narendra Modi did not go to eat at a dalit’s home but he ensured every dalit home has 24 hours of electricity and security. He also called for unity among the youth and work extensively towards making Narendra Modi the next prime minister of India.

The NaMo Brigade team launched T-Shirts, Website and a missed call campaign number. Any individual who supports Narendra Modi for PM can join NaMo Brigade by giving a missed call to 080-67166886. One can also join the team by logging to the Website

Speaking to the gathering after the launch, Shankunthala Iyer interacted with the gathering and explained on how one can contribute towards making India a developed country and also answered many questions asked by the gathered Narendra Modi admirers.

The NaMo Brigade team presently is active in Mangalore, Bangalore and Davengere and the team is working towards expanding all over the state and is looking for more enthusiastic members who can contribute , said one of the team member present at the venue.