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NaMo Brigade Mumbai Chapter Launched

NaMo Brigade Mumbai_1

NaMo Brigade Mumbai 1


Indian youth teams up to create awareness about the NAMO’s honest, transparent and open governance model

Mumbai, August 25, 2013:A team of young professionals with a purpose to witness and experience India’s progress and development across all sectors have come together and announced the official launch of NAMO Brigade, an independent organization on 25th August, 2013 in association with the NAMO Brigade – Karnataka to work extensively towards making Shri Narendra Modi (NaMo) the next PM of India.

“India is the world’s most youthful nation! A nation with such youth power cannot dream small,”says NaMo. The team seeks change in the nation and feels that utter transformation in the political scenario and a visionary leader aligned with an ideology inclined towards the growth and development of the nation is the only option which can again put India on the path of growth, equality, land of opportunities, and free us from the evils like corruption, inflation, illiteracy and inequality.

“India is no longer a nation of snake charmers, it’s a nation of mouse (technology) charmers” – NaMo

Having said that, the team strongly feels that, today the only FACE of DEVELOPMENT is NaMo. This is not a biased feeling but is a strong opinion backed up with facts and evidences over a decade in the state of Gujarat where NaMo is the CM since 2002. He has already got thumbs-up from lot many like India Inc., US congressman for attracting companies to invest and stay to create opportunities.

Common man of India is fed-up of cribbing and complaining and now says enough. The team of youth wants to voice this opinion and help NAMO win the 2014 election and thus lead the country by ways Indian Political System has never seen before. Hence the name – NAMO Brigade.

The team doesnot believe / admire a person simply for the oratory skills and conviction but considers the development proven it the given tenure. NaMo is the only national leader who with same system and the same people proved that Change is Possible. The team believes that if done correctly and with good intention, India can become a terror free, riot free, corruption free, inequality free, inflation free nation and we still have all the resources to make India Super Power.

Thus, NAMO Brigadiers believe in such ideology and want to keep an optimistic view point and hence the youth unites together and will collectively work to make our nation a Change Nation where generations to come will thank us rather than curse us.

NAMO Brigade will work as a team towards projecting Shri Narendra Modi as best PM candidate. The team believes that if the man on the top is a reliable, trust worthy, and has strong principles the change in the system can come into effect in an efficient and a diligent manner.

“Youth of India – Not Just New Age Voters, But the New Age Power!” – NaMo. The power of making such dreams of young India realize lies with NaMo.

The team feels that the time has come (now or never) and there is an urgent need to support a strong leader by making people aware of what progress is, by encouraging people to register themselves to voter’s card, making them aware of the importance of voting. And last but not the least; convert 2014 voting from Vote Bank Politics To Vote for Development.

The 2 broad aims of the NAMO Brigade in 2013-14 would be to:

a)      Get the Indian Citizen to understand the importance of Vote and do adequate homework to understand the administration and get the right person on the chair.

b)      Support Shri Narendra Modi to become PM of our country by creating awareness through social (online) media, rallies, workshops, skits, road shows, society meetings, etc.

c)       After he becomes the PM to help him to India out of this multi –level problem.

NAMO Brigade has met twice till now, its first Meeting on 28th July, 2013 followed by 4th August, 2013. Sub-teams have been formed in areas viz. Andheri, Mulund, Bhandup, Vikroli, Ghatkopar, Kandivali, Malad, Goregoan, Thane and many other areas. NAMO Brigade has also started in Pune city.

There was a Grand Launch of NAMO Brigade on Sunday, 25th August, 2013. The program was held at Ruia Hall, Ghatkopar (East) started with Patriotic songs followed by floral tribute and lighting of lamp for Mother India. The crowd of 200+ people stood for saluting Vande Mataram anthem. After facilitation and introduction of the guests Manoj Joshi and Tesjavi Surya, there was an excellent speech by Manoj Joshi.

Today Gujarat is one of the most progressing states of India and the credit goes to NAMO’s vision,” said renowned Bollywood and theatre actor Manoj Joshi, a supporter of NAMO’s ideology. “Today nation needs a strong leader who can lead India to become developed and powerful”, he further added.

Dilip Shah introduced NAMO Brigade and its functioning and purpose which was followed by yet an electrifying speech by Tejasvi Surya.

Tejasvi Surya, a prominent youth leader, founder of Arise India Movement, a non-political organization and a student of law gave a powerful and inspirational speech, “India needs a leader who has vision and believes in development and taking India in the right path and making it a super power.” He further added, “I have seen NAMO a great visionary and successful performer.”

There were plenty audio – visual videos which would rejuvenate patriotism in oneself.

Volunteers of NAMO Brigade distributed Voter’s registration form, sold t-shirts, banners, car stickers, badges, etc. The programme was telecasted live on Rajesh Hathway cable which covers most of the suburbs.


NaMo Brigade  Mumbai