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NaMo Brigade Vijaypur Chapter Launched

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Vijaypur ( Bijapur) , August 25th , 2013

As there is lot of hue and cry throught the nation regarding the Gujarat chief minister Shri Narendra Modi becoming the next Prime Minister of the nation. There are many volunteer organizations coming up in support of this idea, NaMo Brigade is one such prominent organization. ‘NaMo Brigade, Vijapura’ launched on 25th Aug 2013 was a huge success which reached the vibrant youth of the city. The Brigade just started with the handful of dedicated youngsters who had a commitment of making Shri Narendra Modi ji as the next PM of the nation. The preparations started a couple weeks ago with a plan of making this launch an excellent event. There were many volunteers from different organizations who lent their helping hand to this idea of MODIfying our nation. As all other functions do, this too had a shortage of fund initially. But the citizens of Vijapura made their contributions in a wonderful way such that, there was not even a sign of doubt regarding falling short of fund. The Brigade made its existence as a super power as shown during the event. Bike rally was arranged on the eve of launch of NaMo Brigade around the streets of Vijapura.

The response exhibited by the people of Vijapura was amazing. There were two hundred and odd bikes which participated in the rally accompanied by a vehicle with big cut out of Modi ji. The rally made the people of city to await for a new hope Shreshta Bharat. Many slogans were raised throught the rally. The rally itself marked a great success during the launch. On the day of function there was an enormous crowd at the venue Chatrapathi Shivaji Circle, which was beyond the expectations of the Brigadiers unto everyone’s surprise there was an amazing response from the youth and the old people too.

There were four guests who spoke with lot of enthusiasm and patriotism. Mr.Padma Prasad Hedge (Vice-President, Bar council of India) spoke excellently which attracted everyone gathered there. Shri P.P.Hegde succeeded in convincing the need of Modi ji to MODIfy the nation and protect it from uncultured and irresponsible leaders. He made his talk interesting with examples and references made from his own experiences and finally paid his gratitude to the people of Vijapura for choosing such a noble path. Mr. Niketraj an eminent volunteer of Bharat Swabhiman Trust, enlightened everyone with his thundering words and he succeeded in reaching the audience in a humorous way and finally made a point to convince the audience regarding the need of the powerful leader to lead India. Mr.Kiran Nadakatti, Lecturer made a short but effective speech which aroused the feeling of patriotism in everyone’s heart. Mr. Ashok Oswal, a leading businessman of the city spoke with youthful spirit using shyaris  which was inspiring and attractive. The whole function was a grand success and the Brigadiers made an achievement in reaching the expectations of  everyone. We hope this response and co-operation will be continued until the day we achieve our goal that is Modi ji becoming the Prime Minister to MODIfy this great nation.


By : Veeresh wali, Muralidhar Kar    Anam, Arun Patil