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Narendra Modi and Congress moral obligation to prove him the “Maut ka Saudagar”

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On a day when I had just about finished reading an article by Meenakshi Lekhi about how MSM has become a Congress stooge, I was surprised to find breaking news flashing across the screen explaining how DG Vanzara had resigned and spilled the beans on Modiji and Amitbhai Shah. A day when the Parliament got stalled and Maun Mohan Singh spoke reluctantly as to how he and his Government were still trying to find the files related to CoalGate that had gone missing and they had nothing to do with it. This would definitely have been the main talking point in the stupid TV debates at prime time that night, be it at the studios in Mumbai where the shouting Arnab Goswami would be demanding answers from every Tom, Dick and Harry or a relatively sane Rajdeep Sardesai from Delhi would be demanding the same again or Barkhaji would be trying hard to find where the Buck stopped or finally Mr. Rahul Kanwal also at the same time trying to read a letter in possession of their channel, wanting to extort answers from the panelists, claiming all the while as to how exclusively that piece of material is only available with them.


Let us consider couple of news stories that have been planted or made to circulate in the media at this opportune time. One is related to how a journalist exposed a sting operation indicting top BJP leaders trying to save Amit Shah in the Prajapati encounter case and the latest related to DG Vanzara, where a letter is seeming to suggest that Amit Shah and by that reference even Modi had instructed them how to go about their now alleged fake encounters. Since I have come to believe strongly in Modiji I presume it would be difficult for me to do an unbiased commentary but I will try my best to stay focused on that path and try to see these events from the point of view of a neutral informed person.


Coming to the Prajapati case and the sting operation, we see a Congress spokesperson of a stature no other than Ajay Maken taking stage to reveal the details and Shakti Singh Gohil of the Gujarat Congress who lost in the recently held Gujarat elections demanding Modiji’s resignation. So what are the facts on the sting? The sting operation was carried out in June 2012 or around that time, the alleged blank vakalatnamas were received signed from Prajapatis mother and attempts were made to plant a compromised lawyer for arguing on behalf of prosecution. This revelation is made 9 to 12 months after the sting and neither Prajapatis mother nor anyone else related to the case thought it pertinent to reveal this all this while. Considering they were waiting for a Shubh Muhurat (as India is still very religious, superstitious and political) it is now important to note that neither the alleged CD made public is verified to be authentic (even the Congress shied away from vouching for its authenticity), the vakalatnamas if obtained were never used and no one even knows about their whereabouts. Lastly to a common informed man it still is very well known that Amit Shah is fighting the case in courts and which recently even allowed him to foray into Gujarat accepting that he could not manipulate or intimidate the witnesses and also had not tried to do so in the past. So on what ground are they asking Modiji to resign? My advice to Shakti Singh Gohil, “dude take an aspirin and relax for let alone the people of Gujarat, the people from your own constituency have asked you to do so”. The architect of the sting operation also demands a CBI enquiry. This is definitely the icing on the cake here, because in this country of today and under the present regime who else is more trustworthy to prove that the CD is authentic and the Gujarat Government and by that stretch of imagination, Narendra Modi himself tried to compromise the Prajapati fake encounter case?


Coming to the latest explosive news of “Vanzara writes letter and indicts Modi”, let’s get couple of facts straight. Vanzara is in CBI’s custody and his letter now, which I think is leaked exclusively, that the Food Bill and Land Bill have been passed (where BJP had the potential to block these again through disruptions had these targeted revelations come a bit more earlier) so that madam Soniaji and Pappuji can go about tom tomming about it forgetting the state of affairs of the country, does not stand merit in the court of law as it is not a recorded statement in the presence of a Magistrate and hence the only purpose seems to be to create a political storm. Anyway, even if we consider the letter at face value to be full of facts and Vanzara has given away to his feeling of discomfort after nearly 9 years (mind you this is coming after close to 9 years), the primary point he tries to make is how Modiji let him down by not providing him the best of things to fight the case and did not stand by him. Now any politician worth his salt will tell you that if he sticks his neck out too much he stands the risk of losing it. So why Modiji should be any different? Personally I believe Vanzara or for that matter any official working under Modiji stands the highest risk of getting targeted with a malicious complaint, case or campaign as everyone is looking to nail the man who is rising like a phoenix and appears to be having the potential to overthrow the political status quo of this country of the last decade or so. So while I feel sorry for Vanzara, one also cannot go out of the way and deny that if the encounters are proved in fact to be fake why should Vanzara expect that Modiji will go out of the way to protect him? Also the nature and circumstances of the encounters are here are very much different. While two of them (Sohrabuddin Sheik and Prajapatii encoutners) are entirely related to how Gujarat police or to some extent other police forces like that of Rajasthan handled it, the Ishrat Jahan encounter involves India’s premier investigating agency the IB as well of being complicit if in case the encounter is proved fake. So while people are going hammer and tongs at Narendra Modi on this one, they are also to be asked if India’s home minister then, which I think was Shivraj Patil of the Congress and even the Prime Minister were unaware of the updates or having known, were still practicing Maun Vrat as at that point of time Modiji had not yet started flaying their skins.

While the timing and authenticity of all these revelations is highly circumspect, even if they are taken to be true one cannot absolve Congress of its sins and also consider it bereft of its misdeeds and consider it as an alternative. To name an example from my own state of Karnataka, Shankar Bidari who was alleged to have committed a lot of excesses during his tenure in STF while hunting and reducing noted Brigand Veerappans team, was inducted into the Congress party just before the Karnataka assembly polls this year. Also to my mind, I have not found any serious investigation or follow up on any of the encounters that have taken place in India under various regimes of various parties where the officers involved or the home minister or even the Chief Minister have been asked so many tough questions as in the case of Gujarat and asked to constantly to prove their innocence while Congress and its chamchas are at liberty to proclaim even encounters like Batla House as fake until struck down by the courts. Also if we begin to consider the background of the victims of these encounters in Gujarat, they seem to be terrorists (alleged terrorists as per media as no amount of evidence seems to convince them of this and the concerned courts seem to be uninterested to go into this aspect) and mafia dons who lived on extortion. Some may be prompted to say in Hindi “Kya Gujarat ne Zimmedari or Imaandari ka theka le rakha hai?”

Chetan Purohit

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of NaMo Brigade.