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Why Internet Hindus love Modi


Narendra Modi’s popularity among the internet population is well known. Various surveys and the cult like personality that is revered in the social media are good indicators of the fact. But why do Internet savvy Hindus disproportionately support Modi. What is that they find in his personality that makes them so vocal and aggressive in their support of Modi.

Various intellectuals (Libtards) have delved on this topic and have concluded on a variety of reasons for Modi’s popularity. But most of them according to me have missed understanding the driving factor for his huge support base among this specific population.

They quote, Modi’s no nonsense approach, his “quality of governance” and the “results of his work” is what attract the young to him, who are always attracted to leaders who can take decisive actions and solve issues with a firm hand. Though there might be share of the young population who are attracted to Modi because of this, it doesn’t reflect the drive behind his hard core supporters. There are/ were many CM’s and leaders who have delivered good governance, who took firm decisions, but none of them, resonate with the young as much as Modi does. There support base is definitely restricted to their respective states and rarely reaching out to a pan India audience.

Now the so called intellectuals argue that it is Modi’s effective PR machine that has enabled him to capitalize his “good governance” and “quality of governance” in reaching out to a wider audience. Thus he has been able to leverage his strengths to the hilt unlike the other CM’s who may have similar track records. This argument, I find is bordering on the ludicrous. Majority of the Internet Hindu population are keenly aware of their surroundings, they are well informed about global issues and their implications. Surely any effective PR machine cannot hoodwink this segment into making them follow Modi. Besides, CM’s like Chandra Babu Naidu and S.M Krishna have equally enjoyed/employed similar PR machinery to propagate their image as forward looking no nonsense technocrats, but do you find any pan India support or fan base for the same. Let alone winning elections, they might not be able to garner more than 10,000 followers on twitter. Therefore I can conclusively say that the so called “PR” reason is BS. I will concede that PR does help in reaching out effectively to the audience but never in winning over them.

Then finally there is the perverse reason spelled out by the more retarded segment of the intellectual population that Modi enjoys huge popularity with the Right oriented youth in India because he according to them was responsible for killing of thousands and hundreds of thousand s of Muslims. What happened in Gujarat in 2002 is highly deplorable, and I am sure that except few marginal extremists, no rational person will support Modi, because they think he was responsible for the death of hundreds of people in the Gujarat riots in 2002. This is just a very sick and perverse argument that one gets into as a last resort of intellectuals who have nothing else left to counter with.

Now after going through the reasons put forth by our intelligent brethren, let me put out my own humble reason for the tremendous popularity Modi enjoys across the country among the internet savvy Hindu population (or according to Sagarika Ghose of CNN IBN, the Internet Hindus).

Certain section of the population has a disproportionate control in setting the agenda for the country. These set of individuals who according to popular theory emanate from the great institutes of Delhi like the JNU, colleges like St. Stephens subscribe mostly to a retarded version of communist liberal ideology. They according to them represent and guard the idea of India. These are the same set of people who “are always thinking about the nation” while having no clue about it. But this doesn’t stop them forcibly gulping down their stupid agenda on the nation (To get a better idea of how the Indian story has been shaped by such Individuals, I recommend “Durbar” by Tavleen Singh). And my hypothesis is that, these are the same people who are indirectly responsible for Modi’s rise in popularity.

These people claim to be morally and intellectually superior to the common man and their guidance in all matters must be religiously followed upon. They consider anyone outside their network to be fanatics, extremists and people who need to be condemned and suppressed from the onset. This is deeply insulting to any self respecting individual who is outside this so called network. And this is what drives the Internet Hindus to support Modi.

Modi is the anti thesis of everything that the retarded set of people believes in. He believes in Hinduism, he is proud of our ancient heritage, customs and practices. He doesn’t feel the need to mindlessly ape the western customs and traditions. He is confident about himself and also the potential of this Nation. He firmly believes that India could one day become the first nation among other developed nations.

This exactly what the left liberals despise of. They are anti Hindu, ashamed of our culture and believe that our customs and practices need to be abolished to oblivion. They would like India to become European in nature (remember how, these same people keep fretting on why BJP is not true centre right party). They are definitely not confident of the potential of the country and believe that salvation lies in becoming a third grade third world nation.

Therefore they have relentlessly targeted the Modi and his visions and ideology. This is the bone of contention between the Internet Hindus and the Intellectual population.

Internet Hindus like Modi and unlike the retarded intellectuals believe in our proud ancestry and firmly believe in the infinite potential in this country that can be harnessed to make India a progressive developed nation. Therefore when they see these intellectuals lampoon this idea of India and try to propagate their idiotic vision of India, they feel the need to counter this intellectual ideocracy. But sadly, they do not have similar power or hold over the governing mechanism of the country or have the required space in the main stream media to propagate their alternate vision.

Hence they have turned to Modi to become their proxy in their fight against the Libtard intellectuals. Modi who is the only person in the current context who has dared to take on the collective might of the intellectual society. Thus they have found the one leader who can take the battle to the enemy’s camp and win by playing according to his own ball game. They support Modi in order to demonstrate that their idea of India is the one the country needs. The more the intellectuals oppose Modi, the more vigorous the support for him grows. The more the intellectuals lampoon the Internet Hindus’ ideas and philosophies, the more they feel the need to prove them otherwise. The years of helplessness in listening to the BS dished out in the mainstream media and the slights on their intelligence by the people in power have resulted in making them overly aggressive in hitting back. This is what drives Internet Hindus to support Modi, because his victory means the victory for their idea.

PS – I still remember the distance of the some of the intellectual people with the rest of the nation. In college, in one of the campus presentations, a recent recruit was recounting his/her experience in a village orientation program. The person realized the importance of having power 24×7 and (believe me this is true) that people can leave without having access to Coffee days and Pizza Huts. I was extremely appalled at this person’s ignorance of the country. These are the same people who see 2 India’s while for most of us commoners there is only one.


Lakshmisha K S

Disclaimer:  The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of NaMo Brigade.